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Personal Trainer AND Physical Therapist



I offer a unique expertise and outlook on the aspects of fitness, having grown up as a competitive gymnast, working in various settings as a Physiotherapist, to now competing in the sports of Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting. Although quite successful in all sports, I ended up broken, inflamed and in pain; main reason: certain joints did not have the underlying mobility to support the loads.


Because of this experience, I am now passionate about helping others avoid these mistakes, by first addressing mobility and assuring the joints are in their most efficient positions before loading them. Avoiding injury entirely is impossible, but mitigating injury by ensuring the joints have a greater capacity to meet the demands imposed upon them is what I am after. I am in it for the long game. And I hope to inspire others to do the same.



Master of Physical Therapy 2005  (Univ. of Florida)

Bachelor of Health Science 2002  (Univ. of Florida)

Crossfit Level 1 and 2 Certified Trainer

Crossfit Oly Weightlifting and Gymnastics Certified

FRC Movement Specialist (Kinstretch educated)

Functional Range Assessment Certified

Z-health Educated Trainer


6x Crossfit Regl competitor (2x individual, 4x team)

Crossfit Games competitor 2015 (1st Team in Switzerland)

WDFPF Powerlifting 2017 (European Champion)

Swiss Championships Olympic Weightlifting 2015 (1st Place)

Competitive Level 10 Gymnast x 10 years

What I Do

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Joint mobility is the foundation to all movement and exercise, and therefore something I recommend for every single athlete. If we continue to load joints that do not have the capacity for such load, we can guarantee inefficient mechanics and eventual injury. I speak not only from well-noted research and evidence, but also from personal experience. What good is passive range of motion, or flexibility, if we cannot use or control it? My work now is largely based off of the concepts and principles of Functional Range Conditioning, after seeing 10+ years of mediocre results from other systems like foam rolling, trigger point work and massage.


The initial assessment takes 30-40 minutes. I then write a customised mobility program prioritising your areas of opportunity for your specific sport. We then meet a few days later so that I can teach you the program, which usually takes 45 minutes. The program is designed to be done 3-4x/week before or after training, or at home, and takes you around 25-40 minutes. And keep in mind, mobility programs are not always sexy and fun, and do require work and time on your part. If you are not up for putting in the time to clean up your movement and maintain the integrity of your joints, then do not opt for the programming. It's hard work.


While I am happy to accomodate any personalized fitness goals, among some of my favourites are teaching Olympic Weightlifting, as well as Strength Training, Gymnastics, Mobility-centered Trainings, and Crossfit for Competition. Given my physio background, I will of course treat all clients as patients, and make health/rehab recommendations where needed. Feel free to book just for yourself, or create a small group to make it more cost-effective.

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Check in every 3 months or so, to take new measurements/photos, and to update your current mobility program. I currently use an app that allows me to take objective measurements directly from your photos, so that we can compare them again every few months. 

As we create more workspace and joint capacity, you will need strength in the new ranges of motion. 

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While one of my core values is growth, I continually love to teach the things I have learned. Having attended many Weightlifting seminars given by professionals in different parts of the world, my husband and I are happy to put together Olympic Weightlifting workshops for any level. Having both been competitors for quite some time, both in Crossfit and in Weightlifting, we love to teach beginners the fundamentals, in order to establish good lifting techniques from the very beginning. 

I can also create mobility workshops to meet the needs of your team. Examples of workshops I have led in the past have been for teams of physios/osteos or for Yoga centres, that would like to teach their clients the most up to date research on attaining more mobility and how to safely and effectively use it. 

We also offer workshops on relationships, connection, and communication. Seemingly unrelated to physical fitness, yet so very connected to what drives and motivates us. If relationships at home or in the office cause us stress, then it is likely to show up in the body or elsewhere. It is all very connected. We are happy to work with individuals, couples or groups of people on these topics. Feel free to connect with me or with my husband, Christof Zellweger,, to explore possibilities in this realm.


David Ryce

Lindsay helped me to regain mobility and strength in my shoulder as well as confidence in the joint over a period of one year while continuing to develop my overall physical strength. She not only assisted with my specific weaknesses but also set out a sport-specific mobility and strength programming for my off-road cycling competitions.


Marta Kantyka

I recently did a summary of my year, and the training with you has honestly been a massive highlight to this past year. Not only are you an amazingly kind and lovely person, but also an incredible professional. I feel like every workout is always very structured, targeted at my needs, but also with a long term goal of taking care of the weaknesses. Just a pure essence of a fantastic coach. Thanks to you, I learned not to focus on impossible goals, but improve the small things to reach my potential. Again - namaste :)

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Aimee Ryce

I started training with Lindsay post baby. I needed an honest coach that could help me begin my journey back to recovery. Lindsay’s knowledge cannot be matched and I am grateful for her straight-forward approach, interesting movements and experience. My mind, body and soul is stronger after every hour I spend with her.

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Thomas Welti

Lindsay got me back in shape for Crossfit after my third knee surgery. She knows her craft and is extremely responsive to the person. She never gives up and always brings new ideas and exercises to the training. For example, I was able to do the pistol exercise with my left leg again after her training, which was not possible before the two surgeries because the other physical therapists had a different focus.As a physical therapist and personal trainer, she is highly recommended.I do not regret a single training session in these several years.


Isabelle Ganz

In order to support my rowing technique in 2019, my PT recommended that I try out Olympic weightlifting aside from pure strength training. Lindsay came highly recommended due to her reputation for being the best coach in Zurich. With her professional physio and sports-background, she is an outstanding and very mindful teacher with a hands-on approach and a lot of passion. Each training is well prepared, challenging, efficient, fun, sometimes it hurts a bit, yes, but that’s part of the game. Most importantly, the results are remarkable, strength increased and my rowing got more efficient. It’s a never ending story, the more you do it, the more you want it.

michael mühlemann.jpg

Michael Mühlemann

Due to persistent shoulder pain during muscle ups/pull-ups and because of certain mobility issues, I started a mobility program from Lindsay 6 months ago. I did my program either 20 minutes before or after training 4x/week. Even though it can take quite a long time to make mobility gains at the age of 40, I have already seen significant progress in this short time. I am now able to do pistols on the one leg I could never before, and all the pains in my shoulder are gone. Am I a better Crossfiter because of it? Maybe. Do I feel better because of it? Yes 100%!

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