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MOBILITY re-assessment and 3-MONTH mobility program 


Crossfit Van Zandt - South, 6353 St. Hwy 19 N, Athens, TX 75752



A mobility re-assessment is recommended about every 3 months and should take 25-30 minutes, where we will check what improvements in range of motion or strength have been made. From there, I will modify your current program as needed to either increase intensity or to address a new joint where asymmetries or deficits were noted. As we create more workspace and joint capacity, you will need strength in the new ranges of motion. We will then meet again a few days later so that I can teach you the updated program, which should only take about 30 minutes. Please bring shorts and sleeveless shirt again, preferably a different colour from your initial assessment. 



Preferred method of payment is with cash or Twint, bank transfer also ok. Payment due prior to or on the day. Price includes the re-assessment, a new 3-month program, and the session to teach the program.



Same day cancellation 50 USD. 

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