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Crossfit Van Zandt South, 6353 St. Hwy 19 N, Athens, TX 75752



A mobility session is 45 minutes and is basically a personal training session focused entirely on improving range of motion through certain stretches and exercises that help you maintain that new range of motion. Each session will be different and will be designed based off of your results from the initial mobility assessment.


If you are finding it difficult to remain accountable to doing your mobility exercises on your own, or finding your routine too mundane, then this is the session for you. Or if you just feel like a lower intensity recovery session is needed to counterbalance your high intensity lifestyle, then this is highly recommended. 



Preferred method of payment is with cash or Twint, bank transfer also ok. Payment due prior to or on the day. Price includes the re-assessment, a new 3-month program, and the session to teach the program.



Cancellations on the day of the session will not be refunded. Please notify me by 10pm the night before if needing to reschedule or cancel. 

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